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DRMFG  is a professional manufacturer for custom blades and custom machined parts.

We have customized over 200 kinds of products which apply to 20 industries,such as
 Medical Surgery,Polyester Pelletizing,Plastic Engineering,Electronics,Optical Fiber Mahcines,Magnet Material,Automation Machinery,Label Printing,MLCC,Inductance,Textile Fiber Cutting,Weighing test System,Drone,Robot,Lazer Machine,Motor,Chemical Material, Battery,Food industry,Cosmetic,Beverage etc.

We have 30 precision facilities including Precision Grinding machines,CNC turinning machines,CNC machine center,Milling mahcines,Wire Cutting machines,Welding machines etc.
And we can offer service for Ceramic Parts,Custom machined parts,Custom Blades,Microhole Parts,CNC turnning parts,CNC machining parts, R&D parts etc.

DRMFG plant machineDRMFG plantDRMFG wire cutting machinedrmfg grinding machine

Among our manufacturing team,10 craftmen have over 20 years precision manufacturing experience.

DRMFG craftmen DRMFG craftmen DRMFG craftmenDRMFG RD meetting DRMFG RD meetting

We can offer 30000 custom parts and custom blades each month.

DRMFG cutting blade
drmfg cutting blade


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