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Carbide Bedknife of Pelletizer


    In production of plastic pelletizing and granulating,  such as Polyester underwater pelletizing, PBT,AS,ABS,PC,PA6,PA66,PC+AS,PC+ABS,AS+fiber etc., Pelletizer or granulator is the core part of prodution system, meanwhile,bedknife is the core part of Pelletizer or granulator. DRMFG customize bed knife for customers for over 12 years,we are trusted manufacturer and professional supplier of pelletizer parts and granulator parts. 

    Why Bedknife is the core part in underwater strand pelletizing system?
    Because in Polyester chips pelletizing, bedknives have direct influence on the quality and production efficiency of chips.
    That‘s why Bedknife is the core part for plastic pelletizing system.

    DRMFG customized different kinds of pelletizing bedknives,which are applied to many plastic pelletizing industries, such as PET,PC,PBT,PA6,PA66,ABS and compound material etc.
    We offer ceramic bedknife,carbide bedknife for underwater and dry pelletizing.
    Especially,DRMFG carbide bedknives  are widly used for PC, ABS, PTT, PA, PP, ABS, POM, AS+GF and other engineering plastic‘s pelletizing. 

    The types we have manufactured: 100#, 200#, 212#, 280#, 305#, 318#, 350#, 400#,600#,900#
    ◆We custom different sizes of bedknife
    305x20x8 mm
    318x20x8 mm
    350x20x9.5 mm
    305x20x9.5 mm
    340x20x8 mm 
    200x30x10 mm

    Your benifits of DRMFG pelletizing bedknives:

    Professional service for 12 years.
    Firm quality of DRMFG manufacturing.
    Reduction of maintenace and cost down because of productivity improved.
    longer life for your plant machinery because of good safeguarding.
    High effectivity and fast friendly service.

    DRMFG bedknife
    DRMFG bedknife
    DRMFG pelletizing bedknife

    Please let us know your requirement details, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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