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Heat Knife Cutter

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    DRMFG is a 12 years manufacturer of hot cut blades, pneumatic hot cut knives,thermocutter. We also manufacture hot cut assemblies used for converting textile products. Our hot cut knives are assembled with holder when work under tempratures of 300ºC.

    In application of woven or non-woven, product can easily be cut and sealed in one single 
    operation.Especially for  Leather Ribbon PVC Rope Foam and Sponge Cutting.

    Hot cut knife converting is a more cost-effective choice than ultrasonic slitting, especially when edge fraying or unraveling are primary concerns. We strive to maintain the highest standards for all our hot knife foam cutter products, ensuring the best results for our customers. 

    As an experienced manufacturer of hot cutter,we serve for 20 industries including:
    clothes silk label
    woven or non-woven
    Knives and Accessories
    Foam Cutter 
    Chemical fiber cloth
    Non-woven fabric
    Filter cloth
    Plastic rope
    Stretchable braided mesh

    DRMFG hot knife cutter
    hot knife cutter assembly
    Please let us know your requirement details, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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