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Chemical Fiber Cutting blade

Suitable For: Oerlikon Barmag ®, Oerlikon Neumag ®, Fleissner ®, DM&E ®, Zimmer ®, Lumus ®, etc machines.
    DRMFG customized chemical fiber cutting blade is suitable for Lumus, Barmag, Fleissner, Neumag  Zimmer, DM & E and other devices.

    The artificial short fiber cutting process has strict requirements for cutting blades. In addition to the service life, there are equivalent requirements for cutting short fiber quality, cutting efficiency, and replacement cycle, and replacement convenience, because this is related to the production efficiency of large equipment assembly line operations.

    DRMFG have manufactured  fine -style custom blade for more than 10 years, provide customers with not only high -quality products, but also stable, continuous and safe services. We try to be a helper of customers‘ efficient production links, and help enterprises to run efficiently, and provide enterprises with  firm quality  product with cost down performances

    Your benifits of DRMFG Short Fiber Cutting blades:

    1. Using high -quality hard alloys, wear resistance and good toughness.

    2. Customized processing according to the customer equipment type, the matching degree is good.

    3. Select the corresponding model according to the type of product.

    4. The size is consistent, and the blade is checked.

    5. Blade mouth is sharp, there is no gap in the factory

    6. Long cut life, the same is 1.5 to 2 times the market for ordinary products in the market

    7. Strictly controlling control, good production equipment

    8. More than ten years of experience, customer verification quality and stable quality

    9. Packaging is safe, convenient for transportation and preservation

    10. High cost performance, exports to many countries.

    DRMFG custom processing blade is applied to more than 20 industries:

    Mainly apply to chemical fiber, electronics, adhesion, film, rubber, aluminum foil, copper foil, lithium battery packaging materials, non -woven fabrics, composite packaging materials, electronic materials, cigarettes, leather, ceramic processing, semiconductor, mobile glass, tape, dry Film, cosmetics,
    Pharmaceutical and automated equipment manufacturing industries.
    The wear -resistant and long -lasting wear of the person‘s precision blade has improved production efficiency and saved costs.

    Our current customized specifications:





    DRMFG fiber cutting blade

    Please let us know your requirement details, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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