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Microhole Parts

Peek Microhole parts

Industry field application cases:
Stainless steel microhole sucking nozzle for semicondustor industry.
Peek Microhole sucking nozzle for Chip testing.
Ceramic sucking nozzle for Chemistry.
Carbide sucking pen for LED packing.
Carbide sucking nozzle for medical equipment.
Brass sucking nozzle for quartz wafer testing.
    We are prefessional for custom microhole parts.
    We manufactured these custom parts for 12 years.

    Peek microhole parts are sucking nozzle for semiconductor industry, also used for chip testing.
    Precision parts with best service and fast delivery.
    We can custom your parts and tools.

    DRMFG microhole parts
    Please let us know your requirement details, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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