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Development History

In 2010, DRMFG was officially established. In the begining, it mainly provided R & D parts and 
custom  knives for Foxconn Technology Group, Huawei and other companies.

As our customized products and services satisfied more and more customers, we got increasing business into various industries in the market, and cooperated with large companies and multinational enterprises. At the same time we exported to Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, South America, the Middle East and other countries. The 
following is our growth process:

In 2011, We developped duable cutting blades for customers, and bed knives and BKG cutting blades. In the same year, we customized FFC cutting knives and scattered knives replaced old disposable blades, new knife‘s life was 15-20 times as old ones.

In 2012, we customized high -temperature -resistant ceramics workplate for college research on item of tadpole high -temperature electronic pulse experiments.It protected electrons, and was used in college laboratories. 

In 2013, the dry -pelletizing bed knife was developped,and was applied to high glass fiber+ABS pelletizing.Testified as long life, high temperature resistance and corrosion. For example, 5%to 30%of fibrous materials, under the load about 3 tons per hour, the average life of our bed knife is about 30 days. It qualified the requirements of customer quality and efficiency. Meanwhile,we manufactured a new structure alloy bed knife and achived patents, and at the same time exported to foreign markets;

In June 2013, the custom filtering flats are customized for Taiwanese enterprises for BP-EP process dehydrator. It was successfully used in mass production.We cooperated with CHIMEI and LG chem.

In April 2014, we developped a new scraper for flow process of MLCC industry, and the new scraper life was improved from the 20 -minute life  to 5-8 hours;

In July 2014, the ceramic ring and ceramic guide rail were customized.They were used for quartz chip sorting and EFG testing to solve problems for customers.

In April 2015, the Cone grinding cylinder was developed for titanium dioxide grinding and successfully replaced old Germany products;

We customized 400x600mm large vacuum ceramic suction cups in August 2015 to solve large laser processing adsorption platforms;

In May 2016, the custom high -fine grinding drum was developped for weighing system.Our stainless steel roller had good perforemance of dynamic balance, mute and wear -resistant. 

In September 2016, high -pressure connectors were developed for aircraft high -pressure gas transmission connections, it was precision and can bear high pressure, and used for aviation equipment testing;

In 2017, the tungsten steel plate of curved glass molding mold is used for 3D curved glass forming. When the hot bending equipment of the mobile phone glass panel worked, the quality of plate was stable, the deformation was small, and the lifecycle was long.

In 2018, the valve body tube was customized to provide precision flow for customers in the medical industry. It was used for fluid testing.High precision, corrosion resistance, safe and stable!

In 2019, We developed high -hardness, wear -resistant screws feeding machine. Tt was succesfully used by TOYOTA Car accembly!

In 2020, custom lithium battery coating machines and ceramic pressure wheels for the new energy industry. Insulating when , The ceramic wheels protected the cathode and anode materials from metal powder falling off in process of materials wrapped and divided. At the same time,we customized rolling needles,active curls, isolation membrane cutting knives, polar ear -cut knives, and cutting segments and other key accessories.

In 2021, The round knife for dry film cutting was customized for customers.We abtained the National High-Tech Certification.

In 2022, We customized high -speed microphile -sucking for LED automation equipment, customized ceramic mouth suction and tungsten steel mouth for the semiconductor industry, and obtained long -term cooperation qualifications.


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