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Company Profile

Since 2010, DRMFG focus on custom machining parts and custom blades and industrial technical service.

Our R&D team and manufacturing team have plentiful experiences on precision machining parts and custom blades. In the past 12 years, we have supplied over 1000 kinds of parts and blades to 20 industries.All of our products are applied to precision equipments and core process of production.  

What DRMFG offer?

Custom Ceramic parts
Custom Carbide parts
Custom industrial blades
Custom Microhole parts
Custom machining parts
Custom CNC machining parts
Custom CNC turnning parts
Custom Grinding parts

Based on new material and new process,we have customized many competitive parts and blades, such as Ceramic Bedknife,Ceramic Scraper,Ceramic Pressure Roller,Carbide Bedknife,Cutting Blade,Slitting Knife,Thin Film Round cutter,Dicing Blade,Granulating blade,Wire cutter,Thread cutter,Tooth knife, Cutting knife for medicinal materials, Batteries Lead cutter,Stirring knife,TCT saw blade,Printing roller,Weighing conveyor roller, Glue coated roller,
Stainless steel roller,Electrode roll needle,Cathode rolling wheel, Screw feeding machine,EFG test table,Ceramic vacuum suction plate,Couplet shaft device,Carbide Nozzle,Ceramic vacuum picks,Filter flats,Inductive chuck,Wire winding chuck,Rivet gun cavity,Rivet gun lever,Electric gourd brake pads,Drone molds,Robotic parts,High temperature clamps,Laser workbench,Laser lens component etc.

Our custom precision parts and innovation service benifit customers in many fields,including Medical Surgery,Polyester Pelletizing,Plastic Engineering,Electronics,Optical Fiber Mahcines,Magnet Material,Automation Machinery,Label Printing,MLCC,Inductance,Textile Fiber Cutting,Weighing test System,Drone,Robot,Lazer Machine,Motor,Chemical Material, Battery,Food industry,Cosmetic,Beverage and more.
We have 30 precision machining equipments including Grinding Machines,CNC Drilling Machines,Milling Machines,CNC Turnning Machines and Welding machines,we produce 30000 pcs blades and custom parts each month.Over 90% of our products are used in the advanced equipment and innovation industry. Our R&D team  have achieved 11 invention patents for innovation products,which have created more value for our customers.

Now, we have cooperated with 500 famous enterprises and large plants for long time.
And we also export to USA,European Countries,Japan,South Korea,Singapore,Thailand,Indonisia,Vietnam,India etc.

We are confident for our technology and service.

We welcome your cooperation.

DRMFG can benefit your business.


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