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General Manager Cary Zou attended the trainning of CEO management for morden enterprise

Time:2023-02-15 Views:155
The management model believes that the comprehensive re-engineering of an enterprise is the beginning of its rebirth, and only enterprises that have gone through countless re-engineerings are truly enduring enterprises. The key to enterprise reengineering is to select the right entry point for reengineering.
Correctly selecting the entry point for enterprise reengineering is the prerequisite for enterprise reengineering. The core of enterprise innovation is entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs are the first producers of enterprise innovation. Reengineering means abandonment, reengineering means innovation, and reengineering means rebirth. Only enterprises that have undergone comprehensive reengineering can withstand the wind and rain.
Successful companies have gone through corporate re-engineering in some or all aspects. Some companies are the products of corporate re-engineering in a sense. Timely seizing the good opportunities of corporate re-engineering is an important factor for corporate success. System innovation is an eternal theme of enterprises.
Excellent managers are wise men who can discover various defects in the existing system with their keen insight.

General Manager Cary Zou attended the trainning of  CEO management for morden enterprise.

In fact, from top to front line worker, DRMFG manufacturing team focus on precision manufacturing for customers.
We adopt innovational method and new material and multi-industry integration to keep our high efficiency in market.
And we also engaged our worker to make more improvement and keeping learnning in market competition,so that we can keep our core competitiveness of enterprises

Focus on customers‘ requrement!
Focus on customers‘ satisfication.
Focus on team success and honner of DRMFG.

DRMFG is a learnning team and competiive enterprise.


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