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Top ten brands of rivet guns | precision accessories: Cavity, Rods,Nosepiece and nuts

Time:2024-04-20 Views:152
As rivet guns used widly in industrial assembly, DRMFG have done a lot of maintenance and improvement work on spare parts. In the terminal customers, according to actual requirements, customized rivet gun cavity, rivet gun lever, rivet gun sleeve, rivet gun, rivet gun positioning block etc., and DRMFG provides precision accessories for those in need, has gradually become more clear about the common understanding of rivet rifle brands and applications in common imported rivets in China.

Rivet Gun spare parts
Riveting ropper accessories, imported rivet gun accessories, DRMFG customized rivet gun accessories

Rivers are divided into three categories:

Pneumatic rivet gun,

Electric rivet gun,

Manual rivet gun

Rive nut guns are divided into three categories:

Pneumatic riveting nut,

Electric rivet gun,

Manual riveting nut

The top 10 brands in China are imported rivets as follows:

Japan LOBSTER, main products: rivet guns, rivet nut guns

American Cherry, main products: pull rivet guns, ring groove rivet guns, rivet guns

HUCK in the United States, main products: Hak guns, core rivet guns, hydraulic stations

Japan Dyadic, the main product: slider -type push -type electric cylinder, servo motor

American POP, main product: pneumatic pull rivet gun, pneumatic riveting nut gun

American CP, main products: pneumatic pressure riveting machine, rivet hammer, riveting hammer gun, gas diamond

Honse, Germany, main products: pull rivet guns, pull rivet nut guns

Titgemeyer in Germany, main products: pneumatic rivet guns, manual riveting nut guns

British Cox, main products: pneumatic rubber gun, electric rubber gun

Schuo Schnorrr, main products: safe padding, pre -pressure spring

Masterfix, British, main products: manual rivet guns, manual rivet nut guns

Japanese ENDO, main products: pneumatic gourd, pneumatic crane, balancer

American PEM, main product: pressure rivet nut, automatic riveting equipment

Riveting ropper accessories, imported rivet gun accessories, get people customized rivet gun accessories
DRMFG is engaged in the manufacturing of precision parts. It has rich experience in repairing the maintenance and accessories of imported rivet guns. While providing customized accessories for imported rivet guns, it is also found that domestic rivet guns are also improving. The main gap is still quality stability. The root cause is the precision and life of the core accessories. Domestic rivet gun manufacturers are unwilling to invest on the core accessories. The supplier‘s price is too low, making it impossible for downstream to provide high -quality core accessories.


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