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Grinding Processing

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DRMFG focus on custom machined parts and custom blades.

DRMFG has obtained the certification of national high -tech enterprises.DRMFG has been engaged in the customization of precision parts and professional industrial knives, serving more than 500 multinational companies and listed companies for more than 12 years. Product performance replacement imports have been recognized by customers.
Our product has stable performance and precision wear -resistant. Most of them are used for imported equipment to replace imports.

Among them, the advantageous product representatives are:Pelletizing Ceramic Bedknife , the Carbide bedknife, Bedknife holder, feed scraper, cooling the water spray mouth, etc.
For BKG granulator blade, BKG granulator blade, universal couplet, etc.
The round cutter/cubic knife used for thin film cutting is cut, cutting knife, tooth knife.
Ceramic pressure wheels/coating pads for lithium battery technology, polar ear cut knife, rolling needle, isolation membrane cutting knife, scraper, septum, etc.
For car assembly hot -melt screw chip, rivet nut stretch, rivet gun sleeve, fixing nut pole, etc.
Vacuum ceramic suction cups for laser processing, large fixed platforms, lens, lens cylinder and other precision.
For precision rollers, stainless steel drums, gear rollers, etc.
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